Aussie Puck supporting Kaurna Boomerangs Canadian tour

Aussie Puck is proud to provide pucks for the Kaurna Boomerangs, the nation’s first representative indigenous ice hockey team – with all 18 of its players hailing from Adelide – is heading to Canada next year to make its international debut.

The Kaurna Boomerangs will play in a series of cultural exchanges with one of North America’s largest groups of first nations people, the Cree, in January.

Some team members are as young as 13.

  • Kaurna Boomerangs Puck

There will also be four wards of the state travelling with the team, including 19-year-old Jasmine Taylor-Harding.“I will be representing children in child protection, indigenous youth and young women,” she says.

Jasmine is one of two women in the team. She was nine when she was removed from her home and was placed in 40 homes over 10 years.

She is currently working for the Department of Child Protection and one day hopes to be the department’s Minister.

The Boomerangs emerged from the Ice Factor Program based at Thebarton, which was set up 15 years ago to help re-engage disadvantaged students at risk of leaving school.

The State Government has given the team a $60,000 grant for the trip to Canada.

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