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Hockey Pucks made "Down-Under"

Yes, you read it right. 

Mark Weber formerly the owner and GM of Melbourne ICE and a past AIHL Director is now manufacturing Australian made hockey pucks!

Mark said, “The formula is Canadian and comes from Petrosar in Sarnia, Ontario”.  It has been tested under supervision of the IHV Referee in Chief, Martin Jones during the 2005 season in Geelong and has been found to be very durable, resistant to chipping and some scratches. 

The pucks can have team logos and advertising printed on them.  Pucks can be used for game play, souvenirs or for fund raising. 

Our Australian Senior Team in Newcastle has used the Aussie pucks during the IIHF world championships in 2008; teams in the AIHL and IHA State Associations and national tournaments purchase the pucks.

 Production began in 2005, with no minimum order.